Elements of Happiness

In her “Happiness Project“, Gretchin Rubins scheme for putting happiness ideas into practice involved identifying and focusing on a different subject area for each of the 12 months in the year.

After some deliberation, I’ve decided that the crucial elements of my “Happiness Project” are as follows:

  1. January – Energy
  2. February – Work
  3. March – Attitude
  4. April – Goals
  5. May – Family & Friends
  6. June – Gratitude
  7. July – Relationship
  8. August – Hobbies
  9. September – Mindfulness
  10. October – Purpose
  11. November – Money
  12. December – Fortitude

Like Gretchin, I’ve decided to begin with “Energy” as hopefully a high level of energy will make it easier for me to keep my resolutions. “Work” comes next as I really need to focus on establishing a consistent self-managed schedule in order to keep my career in focus. As both “Attitude” and “Goals” are important elements to keep me motivated, they are tackled early on. I chose “Family & Friends” for my birthday month as they are my most precious commodities. In June, I will focus on “Gratitude” as I enter upon my wedding month. In July, as a new wife I’ll work on “Relationship”. Followed by the more fun elements of “Hobbies”, “Mindfulness”, “Purpose” and “Money”. And finally, I’ll end with the element that led me to start this “Happiness Project” in the first place – “Fortitude”.

For each of these 12 Elements of Happiness I have come up with a set of resolutions – 8 daily tasks, 1 weekly task, and a number of specific goals –  that are concrete and measurable. All of these are recorded in a spreadsheet so I can keep track of my overall progress throughout the year.