It’s a Wrap: ATTITUDE

I’m happy to say that I’ve now stuck to my Happiness Project for longer than I did last time around!

Working on my ATTITUDE was primarily about being mindful of my thoughts and actions. Often, without looking at the resolutions I had set for myself, it was easy to forget to be mindful of the behaviors I was resolved to work on. And even when I was mindful of the resolutions I had set for myself daily, it was still sometimes a challenge to check off all my resolutions.

Although I had wanted to have a morning routine where I eased into the day by stretching, I only managed to do this on a small number of days. As simple as it may have seemed when I set this daily resolution, in reality, having to get up in the morning and cater to the needs of my baby always took precedence. In retrospect, I think part of the barrier in meeting this resolution was that I expected to set apart a very zen five minutes where I could engage in yoga stretches. Really I should have just envisioned a simple up-and-at-em’ reach for the stars stretch! I do still think that stretching would do my body and soul good … especially since my back is not doing so great these days carrying my increasingly heavy baby around all day. So, I will continue to try and incorporate some sort of stretching into my days.

Being mindful of not procrastinating certainly helped curtail most of my thoughts to delay action, and I can see how valuable such mindfulness has had on my productivity. When I do not procrastinate on a task, I am much happier and much less anxious.

Practicing gratitude and writing down an anxiety daily also did wonders for my overall levels of happiness. I think in particular that writing down my anxieties when they surface really helps to keep that anxiety at bay. I’m also very happy that I was able to “bury” one of my biggest life anxieties … hopefully once and for all.

Similarly, just being mindful of limiting my complaints, while not stopping me from having such thoughts, certainly helped me to be less vocal about them. It also gave me pause to truly consider whether I was justified in my complaints, and instead, allowed me to focus on whether I could think of anything positive on the contrary.

Though I could have pushed myself even harder, I do think that I tried to stretch myself past my limit on many of the days when I just wanted to go to bed as soon as I put my baby to bed. Given the fact that I am mostly sleep deprived these days, I should be proud of myself!

Many events happened in March that were unexpected but very positive, and overall I feel that I accomplished quite a bit this month. As usual, I always feel that I could work harder but the important thing is that I start something and keep working on it until I see an improvement in pace. I did start working on my manuscript this month and also started taking an online course on Bioconductor. It’s pretty cool how even though I have different elements I am working on each month that the resolutions I set for myself do continue on.

One of the task goals that I don’t think I did a particularly good job of was limiting social media. But as next month’s element is GOALS, I’ll be moving this particular goal forward and committing to it more rigorously!

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