i am

“ab hinc” = henceforth, “vivo” = I live, “ad arbitrium” = at will

i am

hello you,

now that you are here, I hope you stay for a bit.

who am I ?

i am a bona fide TCK (Third Culture Kid) – growing up in four different countries (China, USA, Singapore, Canada) – and am now a full-fledged TCA (Third Culture Adult) – having lived in England and now the UAE.

although i am constantly changing ‘homes’, i will always love ALL animals, prancing outdoors, and things that are aesthetically pleasing.

along with my husband and our furry son (Kafka the Siamese) i am currently trying to navigate all things Dubai.

this is a story about my everlasting exploration through different places, but also about the path my life has taken.

because sometimes life is about letting yourself get a little lost and letting the road be your guide …